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Transmission Services in Tomball, TX


Regular transmission service is often overlooked, yet it’s vital for preserving your vehicle’s durability and performance. Your car’s transmission is a substantial investment, and disregarding its maintenance can result in costly repairs.

To keep your transmission operating smoothly, it’s crucial to recognize the signs that it requires care, which may include:

  • Unusual odors.
  • Strange noises.
  • Delayed gear shifts.
  • Fluid leaks.
  • Gears not engaging.
  • Failure to engage gears.

If you notice any of these issues in your vehicle, don’t delay – have your transmission inspected promptly. Regular transmission service can save you from significant expenses down the road.


When your vehicle is at Byrd Automotive for repair or service we pamper it from start to finish. Every car receives the following:

Services we offer

We service and repair the following vehicle systems and components:

We perform the following light maintenance by Appointment, or walk-in:

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