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Tire Rotation & Balancing in Tomball ,TX


At Byrd Automotive in Tomball, TX, we recognize the crucial role that your tires play in upholding your vehicle’s safety and performance. Our tire rotation and balancing services are meticulously tailored to ensure your tires wear uniformly, resulting in optimal road handling.

Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation is a pivotal maintenance task to protract the longevity of your tires. Our skilled technicians will reposition your tires in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, fostering even tire wear and enhancing traction. This not only bolsters safety but also offers cost savings by maximizing the tire’s lifespan.

Tire Balancing

Well-balanced tires provide a smoother and more controlled driving experience. Our cutting-edge equipment can identify any tire imbalance and rectify it, diminishing vibrations and guaranteeing a comfortable and steady journey.

At Byrd Automotive, we pride ourselves on delivering professional tire services. Contact us at 281-941-6250 to schedule your tire rotation and balancing appointment today, and keep your vehicle performing at its best. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


When your vehicle is at Byrd Automotive for repair or service we pamper it from start to finish. Every car receives the following:

Services we offer

We service and repair the following vehicle systems and components:

We perform the following light maintenance by Appointment, or walk-in:

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