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We want to look out for you, your family and your vehicle
during Hurricane Harvey.

When it comes to flooding, there are several things you have to take into consideration for your safety.

  1. If your vehicle is parked in rising water, DO NOT attempt to start the engine when the water levels go down.
    Rising water can be pulled into the engine if the air induction system has water in it. This can cause catastrophic internal damage.
  2. If you drive your car into flood water conditions and the engine stalls, DO NOT attempt to restart the engine.
    There is a likelihood the engine has been damaged due to engine hydraulic lock or seize and bent the piston connecting rods.
  3. Check the interior of your car.
    If the inside of your car has been flooded in water, mold will soon start to grow in upholstery and carpet.
  4. Be careful where you fill your tank.
    With our gulf coast region close to sea level, fueling station parking lots are common to flood and water can leak into gasoline holding tanks. Take the time to ask an attendant if the tanks have been inspected since the flood. We also recommend adding a water evaporator additive to your car’s fuel system each time you fill your tank for the next 30 days.
Please know the dos and don’ts regarding the safety of your car. We’re here to help you get your car back to working condition. Here’s what we do for a flooded car:
  1. Verify flood level with the customer.
    If you don’t know how much water your car was in, we can usually identify this by looking for debris.
  2. Determine if the car is repairable.  
    We look at everything from the computer modules to other electrical components. Your insurance company has the final decision to repair or total out the car.
  3. Report the water level and location of components.  
    Conferencing with the insurance adjuster to determine the likelihood of ongoing electrical problems is key to a successful flood repair.
  4. Follow flood protocol standards.
    After identifying key factors and proceeding with a long term successful repair, we perform the following:
  • remove any water/moisture from the engine induction system. Take appropriate means and procedures to ensure there is no engine damage
  • test fuel system for water. Repair as necessary
  • remove interior affected by water intrusion, usually carpet and jute padding, and clean seats and shampo
  • inspect motors and other electrics
  • clean carpet
  • perform mold remediation
  • replace jute padding
  • disconnect computer module connectors and clean and apply electric grease where applicable
  • start and operate the engine. Perform computer function test and scan computer for trouble codes
  • test all accessories for proper operation
  • remove wheels, clean and replace brake system components as necessary. 
  • clean and repack wheel bearings if applicable
  • remove engine starter motor, clean and lubricate as required
  • flush all fluids: brake, axle, transmission
  • change engine oil and filter
  • test drive vehicle for proper operation and report any supplement claim if necessary
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The 3 Year
36,000 milenationwide warranty

Here at Byrd Automotive, we believe in quality! In fact, we are so confident in our work, we offer a 3 year 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on parts and labor items at our Woodlands auto repair shop.

Testimonials What People Say About us
Byrd was awesome! My car suddenly started smoking on the freeway and I pulled over and got my car towed to Byrd. They fixed the cracked radiator quickly and even left my car for me at a local Park and Ride when a late bus was going to get me in after-hours. Great customer service!
Becky Tempe
Excellent service, great warranty on repair items and they worked with my schedule. Overall a great experience. December 11, 2015
Jeff P
They worked with me on the price, did excellent repairs and completed a very complicated job in a very short amount of time. I was amazed they could even find the parts for a 25 year old truck. Kept me informed at all times. Awesome! December 19, 2015
George S
Had quick and efficient service. Byrd Automotive has been timely and efficient when we call for repairs on our car. We also appreciate the service of transportation to and from when we need repairs. October 28, 2015
Marie S
I can always count on Byrd Automotive whether it is normal maintenance or in a minor emergency like yesterday when my car battery went dead. They came out within 10 minutes of calling, gave me a quick charge, and then had the car ready two hours later when I needed it again!!! September 24, 2015
Dennis S

Welcome to Byrd Automotive

Since 1989 we have provided you with honest, prompt, competent and courteous service as well as the finest quality repairs available! We pride ourselves on repairing your problem the first time and this is proven by our AAA Top Rated Repair Facility Award. Our AAA published Customer Service Index Score of 100% year after year is recognition of our commitment to providing superior customer service, honest advice, and cars repaired correctly the first time. Call us today to schedule service!

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Vision Statement

We provide The Woodlands residents with a peace of mind in automotive repair by communicating honest advice, superior customer service, professionalism, and integrity in every thing we do. Our repair work is performed by installing only quality parts and our technicians attention to detail coupled with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on repairs...

Mission Statement

To be recognized as the first choice in Automotive Repair in The Woodlands, Texas by providing superior customer service, high quality automotive repairs and maintenance at a fair price, and performed correctly the first time with 100% customer satisfaction.

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Some of Our Services

We service and repair the following vehicle systems and components :

  • Air Conditioning
  • Brake
  • Engine- Mechanical
  • Engine- Cooling
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Exhaust
  • Transmission
  • Driveline
  • Emission
  • Fuel

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